iHEAL Health is a health centric company focusing on helping individuals live better and longer lives, encompassing five independent yet integrated business divisions - healthcare services, healthcare support services, healthcare real estate, healthcare technology and healthcare advisory. Driven by its motto of 'A celebration of life', iHEAL Health has grown from strength to strength since the establishment of its flagship medical centre, iHEAL Medical Centre in 2010.

Under Dr. David Khoo's leadership, iHEAL Medical Centre has grown into one of the leading medical centres in Malaysia specialising in heart and heart-related health, stroke diagnostics and surgical oncology, attracting medical tourists in the process.

iHEAL Health's competitive advantage lies in its diversity of healthcare solutions at various stages of the patient lifecycle, from maintenance of health to disease treatment, such as:

  • monitoring patient's health through advanced technology / pre-screening to prevent noncommunicable diseases,

  • obtaining diagnosis and evaluation to enhance abilities to prevent non-communicable diseases; and

  • providing treatment by skilled and experienced specialists / professional medical team.

iHEAL is poised for greater growth as it expands in other verticals of health related businesses.